Why Internet Sense First Began

I am the Founder and Chair of this Registered Canadian Charity.  You need to know the story behind the development of this very worthwhile cause…
My family has been victimized by this crime twice.  One family member was used for child pornography at the age of four, by neighbours.  It was at a time when this type of heinous crime was unheard of in the global picture.  The victimized family member was haunted by the experience her entire life.
The family member who was a victim, lived her life to the fullest, in spite of the experience.  She had many challenges because of it but managed to graduate from college.  Just a few months after her graduation, she was killed in July of 2012 at the age of 22, victim of a drunk driver.  Her loss to my family and to me has been profound.  She touched many people. She was victim of two crimes – child pornography and drunk driving.  My entire family has felt the consequences of such heinous crimes.
As a network administrator, colleagues and I had to deal with many difficult issues, including questionable activity on computers.  After  dealing with these various situations, after the experience of our  family with such a young member, after the tragic death of the same  family member, I decided to embark on creating this very needed organization; so that other families might avoid such horrific experiences.  Two family members victimized by child pornography; two separate experiences; two separate cities; too many times.
Our mandate is clear – helping victims of child pornography; helping to avoid further victimization by training children, parents, professional allies, and the like; helping to avoid the suicides of so many victims – So that victims might be saved.
In memory of my dear family member,  and for the sake of other victims…
please support this very worthwhile charity…..
Our vision:
Helping victims of Internet child exploitation | Being proactive against Internet predators.
Very sincerely,
Charlene Doak-Gebauer, Founder and Chair
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