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Our annual Internet Sense For Internet Safety® event was held November 11, 2017.  We were fortunate to receive media coverage.

Radio 980 was there!

In 2017, we were covered by Andy Oudeman, Rogers Video and Fanshawe College radio.  For all, the London Free Press provided coverage.

We have  been very fortunate to have been covered in The Huffington Post.

There have been several child pornography arrests in Canada and worldwide, as well as child exploitation and sex trafficking.  We want even more arrests.  If you know of any situation, please report them to your local police.

We have had coverage on the CTV news in London, Ontario.  Please click on the link below to view one of the interviews.  We are very grateful to the Newsroom of CTV news and to the excellent police forces in Ontario for apprehending predators and rescuing victims.

CTV News Interview 

 We have been fortunate to have a song written by  a musician from Fredericton, NB, dedicated to Internet Sense First (formerly Child Pornography Hurts).  The song was written in memory of the family member, of the Founder and Chair of Internet Sense First, Charlene Doak-Gebauer.   Sincere thank you to Frank Davis for donating this song to us.   We will be using it across Canada in our Internet Sense For Internet Safety® Presentations.  This song emphasizes the humanity that is affected by Internet crime.

We have also had a video produced and created for Internet Sense First by Campus Creative, London. This is used as our introductory video for presentations.

All rights reserved by Internet Sense First.  Any copy or reproduction of these videos is prohibited.  Any use without permission is prohibited.


Angel In Your Eyes by Frank Davis




Please watch our second donated video, produced and donated by Campus Creative. We are very fortunate to have had donors so generous and talented. They truly believe in this charity.

Child Pornography Hurts from Campus Creative on Vimeo.

We have been covered by the media several times.  Click on the links below to view some of our coverage to date, including London, Kitchener, Woodstock and Fredericton, NB:

The Woodstock Sentinel Review

The Woodstock radio

Frank Davis Fredericton 

The Fredericton, NB radio

The Kitchener newspaper

The Londoner (article below)

ATT_1437103439551_CPH-TheLondoner Article-July21_2015-2

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