Musician Donations and Others

We have established an International Relationship with professional musicians, songwriters, graphic designer and photographer in Spain.

RolCof – (Roland Coffey) is a Singer, Songwriter and Artist.   He wrote the song “Seven Years Long” which is the basis of a video donated for the use of Internet Sense First | Premier Sens Internet at our presentations.   Angel Poncela is an International Producer, Singer and Songwriter.    Alberto March is an International Award Winning Graphic Designer and Photographer.  All three men contributed to the production of the video and are famous in Spain and the surrounding countries.

RolCof hopes this sound track and video will shine more light onto the terrible issues of incest, child sexual abuse, and child pornography.  RolCof and his team believe strongly in protecting children, across the oceans.  Save One Child At A Time!  They support the vision and mission of Internet Sense First | Premier Sens Internet 100%!

We thank all three men and are very grateful for the donation of this amazing video for our use.  Internet Sense First | Premier Sens Internet and Spanish professionals working together to protect children across the oceans.

View the video here.


We thank Frank Davis, an award-winning singer and songwriter from Fredericton, NB, Canada, for writing and donating a song/video in support of our mission.  This song/video was the first video donated and is played at  presentations to emphasize the humanity that is affected by this crime – entire families are affected.   Internet Sense First | Premier Sens Internet is very grateful for this donation.  The video was created when we were known as “Child Pornography Hurts”.  We changed our name in January 2018 to better reflect all of our objectives.  This song was written in memory of Charlene’s family member who was a victim of child sexual exploitation.  We are very grateful for this donation of another amazing video for our use.  This video has been viewed by some Members of Parliament in Ottawa, Canada, and other countless speaking venues.  Internet Sense First | Premier Sens Internet and Frank Davis, working together to protect children.


We thank Campus Creative, London, Ontario, Canada for the production and creation of a video dedicated to Child Pornography Hurts, our former name.  Their generous donation of this video is greatly appreciated.   

All donated videos are very impactful and greatly enhance our

Internet Sense For Internet Safety®


Please ask us to give our “Internet Sense For Internet Safety®”  presentation to your group (519 854 1249), meeting,  or organization – we present to youth/children, families, meetings, employee groups, parent groups and the like.