Board of Directors

The Internet Sense First Board of Directors is well represented.  Due to the nature of this charity, and that we are fighting a global crime, the names and pictures of board members must be omitted.
Our members represent many professions:
Educator/Computer/Network specialist
Financial Planner
Financial Advisors
Certified Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant
Consultant – Lawyer
Consultant – Police Officer
Consultant – Schools and Education
Consultant – Insurance
Consultant – French Language
Consultant – Diversity – Race Relations and Religion
Consultant – Ethnic and Cultural Diversity/Immigration
Consultant – Computers and Youth
Consultant – Corporate Partner – Campus Creative
Consultant – Media Relations
Consultant – Diversity, Dual Citizenship, Immigration
Consultant – Indigenous People
Consultant – Registered Psychotherapist
Consultant – LGBTQ Community
We are a very committed, professional group with goals – to protect our children; to provide therapy for victims of Internet child exploitation; to be proactive to educate Canadians about Internet protection.

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