Are your children safe online?

Do you know what websites they visit?  Who is on their chat?   Who has their personal information?


We need to realize the magnitude of predation on the Internet.  This crime has increased by 5,000% in the past ten years ( because of the digital age.  Parents need to incorporate more sophisticated parenting skills in order to supervise their children – for child protection.  Blocking of sites can be ineffective!!

Some points to think about:
  • This generation is viewing more violence, pornography, and other dark issues, more than any generation in the history of the world.  We need to catch up.  
  • Predators used to go to parks and schools for their prey.  Now, they are online chatting with our children – do you know if your child is chatting with one now?  
  • In addition, too many children are addicted to pornography and their parents are unaware.  Children as young as seven or eight have this addiction.  
  • There are child on child sexual assaults because of what children are seeing online.

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Please call us  for a presentation about Digital Supervision today.  It is not okay to say “my kids know more than I do”.  We are still responsible for the actions of a minor, even if the  activities are on digital devices.  When did it become “okay” to give up this responsibility as a parent, caregiver, professional ally – adults?
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