We are a registered, federal Canadian charity.  We are a passionate group of volunteers.  Our primary goal is to protect children against Internet child exploitation by educating the public in the fight against predators; and, supporting victims of Internet child exploitation (specifically victims of child pornography) through funding for much-needed therapy.

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We present globally and have four different presentations related to online child and family protection, based on ages and family.  All presentations are reviewed by our Consultant Registered Psychotherapist (also a qualified educator), for content related to an education setting, ages of the audience,  and family content.  We also present to corporations related to the “spill-over” effect of stress from home affecting work performance.  Stress at home?  Parents worried about their children on digital devices while they are at work.

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We are constantly working towards providing money to fund therapy for child pornography victims and for our education sessions.  The links below will take you to our balance sheet and profit/loss statements for 2018.  We hope you will realize the magnitude of the crisis for our children online and help us fulfill our vision.  Last year, we were able to fund $3,200 for therapy for victims.

There are so many needing support, and the numbers are growing exponentially.  Please consider supporting our progressive vision for children and families.

ISF Balance sheet 2018

ISF Profit and Loss 2018

Our growing list of companies and individuals who believe in our vision

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