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Charlene, our Chair,  has been affected by the crime of Internet child exploitation through two separate incidents, two separate cities, two different people, TOO MANY TIMES.
Based on her qualifications as a computer specialist, licensed secondary school educator, and network administrator, Charlene has developed a theory of “Digital Supervision©” for child protection, which is included in her book “Digital Sexual Victims:  True Cases”.  A portion of the proceeds of her book is donated to Internet Sense First.  The book is available at Chapters/Indigo online, Kobo books, Amazon and several other online channels. Purchase this book and learn about the dangers that exist on the Internet for your children and how to practice Digital Supervision©.   Parents, caregivers and professionals will find the information in the book invaluable when developing methods of supervision of children and youth while they use digital devices.  
She is a global speaker and has presented in Canada (including Parliament Hill), Iceland, the United States, Europe, and India.  Her theory of Digital Supervision© has been interpreted as essential for the protection of children, families, and society in general.
 Charlene’s love of children, her family, and her experiences, have prompted her to want to make a difference with child, family, and societal protection in this digital world.  Too many parents are using the “screen” as a babysitter.  Too many families are allowing too much independence of their children on digital devices.  Learn more about Digital Supervision.  The innocence and safety of children and families depends on it.




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