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Helping victims of Internet Child Exploitation;

Being proactive against Internet child predators.

Do you REALLY know what your child is doing online?

Our Theory of Digital Supervision – TODS – the holistic approach for complete


We work toward a child/youth never having to wake up in the morning wondering

“Who is looking at my picture or video today?”  

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Welcome English-speaking viewers.  Continue on this webpage for links to more information. Our full bilingual website is under construction.

We support victims of child pornography two times per year.  Please apply by completing the form and directions in this link:     Application For Therapy Funding.

 We have been featured on international television through the Miracle Network News in Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, and more:  International

Our children are in crisis -most

parents are unaware.


Three-part TV Documentary Series about Digital Supervision:  Documentary


WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE our new partners – “ADAMNetworks” ,  “Nerds On Site”  and “Caju Multimedia” who have joined our vision of online child protection.


They believe our Theory of Digital Supervision is necessary.  We all believe that Digital Supervision and a computer filter are interdependent for child and family online safety.


Caju Multimedia is a partner for communications.  They have created a PSA for this charity which  is being distributed Canada wide in a campaign beginning April 26, 2019.

View Ad donated to us by Caju Multimedia

 Our partner since we were formed for advisement and use of their building.
Westminster College Foundation, London Ontario, CanadaWestminster College Foundation – Supporting Registered Charitable Organizations


To purchase a copy of the book written by our Founder and Chair, Charlene Doak-Gebauer, please go to the following link.  Her Theory of Digital Supervision is contained in the book.  A portion of the proceeds is donated to Internet Sense First.

Book about Digital Supervision

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